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Update to Firmware 2.33.16

Target of update: Improve stability of sync between watch and phone.

Concerned product families: Suunto Vertical, Suunto Race, Suunto 9 Peak Pro

How to check active watch firmware

In watch: Go to Settings / General / About. The second information after watch model is Firmware version. If the version is 2.33.16 you have the firmware active in your watch.

How to update

NORMAL update:
Wait for firmware to download over the air. The watch will install the update and restart during next night with new firmware if the watch battery level is high enough. Alternatively, once the firmware has transferred completely, in watch; go to ‘Settings / General’. Go down one step and select ‘Software update’. Choose start update. Note that the watch will have to have a battery charge level that is depending on the watch to allow to install the new firmware.

First thing to try if the firmware does not update in a few days:
Check that the automatic updates are enabled in the Suunto App (watch icon / About device and then wait for the automatic update).

If the automatic updates switch was already on:

  1. Disconnect Bluetooth connection between watch and phone using the watch menu of the Suunto App AND in the phone Bluetooth connections list AND in the watch Settings / General / Connectivity /Paired Devices menu.
  2. Soft reset watch by holding upper button pressed for ~12 s.
  3. Restart phone.
  4. Pair watch in Suunto App.
  5. Suunto App should, in the watch menu, show there is a firmware update available. Choose to update the firmware update.

If the above still did not work:
Delete all logs from watch.

Manually start sync.

Wait for new firmware to load.

If the watch still does not get the firmware update:
Send watch to Suunto repair for Firmware update. Note that this option will delete all logs.