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Suunto 3 Fitness User Guide

Time and date

You set time and date during the initial startup of your watch.

Adjust time and date from the settings under General » Time/date where you can also change time and date formats.

In addition to the main time, you can use dual time to follow the time at a different location, for example, when you are traveling. Under General » Time/date, tap Dual time to set the time zone by selecting a location.

Once you have paired with Suunto app, your watch gets updated time, date, time zone and daylight-saving time from mobile devices.
Under General » Time/date, tap Auto time update to toggle the feature on and off.

Alarm clock

Your watch has an alarm clock that can sound once or repeat on specific days. Activate the alarm from the settings under Alarms » Alarm clock.

To set an alarm:

  1. First select how often you want the alarm to sound. The options are:

    • Once: alarm sounds once in the next 24 hours at the set time
    • Weekdays: alarm sounds at the same time Monday thru Friday
    • Daily: alarm sounds at the same time every day of the week

    alarm settings step1 Trainer

  2. Set the hour and minutes and then exit the settings.

    alarm settings step2 Trainer

When the alarm sounds, you can dismiss it to end the alarm, or you can select the snooze option. The snooze time is 10 minutes and can be repeated up to 10 times.

Alarm dismiss snooze Trainer

If you let the alarm continue to sound, it will automatically snooze after 30 seconds.

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