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Suunto Traverse User Guide - 2.1


The time display on your Suunto Traverse shows the following information:

  • top row: date
  • middle row: time
  • bottom row: change with VIEW to show additional information such as sunrise/sunset, altitude and battery level.

In the options menu under GENERAL » Time/date, you can set the following:

  • Dual time
  • Alarm
  • Time and date

Alarm clock

You can use your Suunto Traverse as an alarm clock. Turn the alarm on/off and set the alarm time in the options menu under GENERAL » Time/date » Alarm.

When the alarm is switched on, the alarm symbol is shown on most of the displays.

When the alarm sounds, you can:

  • Snooze by pressing LIGHT. The alarm stops and restarts every five minutes until you stop it. You can snooze up to 12 times for a total of one hour.
  • Stop by pressing START. The alarm stops and restarts the same time the following day, unless you switch the alarm off in the options menu.

alarm clock


When snoozing, the alarm icon blinks in the time display.

Time syncing

Your Suunto Traverse time can be updated through your mobile phone, computer (Suuntolink) or GPS time.

When you connect your watch to the computer with the USB cable, Suuntolink by default updates your watch time and date according to the computer clock.

GPS time

GPS time corrects the offset between your Suunto Traverse and the GPS time. GPS time checks and corrects the time whenever a GPS fix is found (for example when recording an activity, or saving a POI).

GPS time is on by default. You can turn it off in the options menu under GENERAL » Time/date »Time & date.

Daylight Saving Time

Suunto Traverse supports Daylight Saving Time (DST) time adjustments if GPS time is on

You can adjust the Daylight Saving Time setting in the options menu under GENERAL » Time/date »Time & date.

There are three settings available:

  • Automatic – automatic DST adjustment based on GPS location
  • Winter time – always winter time (no DST)
  • Summer time – always summer time

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