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Suunto D6i User Guide

Software version check

Please note that this user guide is for the latest software version of Suunto D6i. If you have an older version, some features operate differently.

To check the software version:

  1. Keep DOWN pressed to enter settings.
  2. Press DOWN to scroll to Version and enter with SELECT.
  3. The first line of information indicates the software version.
  4. If the version number is V1.5.x or higher, you can skip the rest of this section and read the user guide as normal.
  5. If the version number is V1.2.x please read the sections below regarding how to use specific features.
  6. Press MODE twice to exit settings.

When you send your watch to an authorized Suunto service center for a battery change or other servicing, the software will be updated to the latest version.

Dive modes

Each time you enter dive mode, you have the option of selecting which mode to use.

To change dive modes:

  1. While in time mode, press MODE to enter dive mode.
  2. Scroll to the dive mode you want to use with UP or DOWN.
  3. Wait for the pre-checks to complete.

To change settings for a dive mode, keep DOWN pressed while in that mode. For further information about dive mode settings, please refer to the respective dive mode section of this user guide.


Access the stopwatch in time or dive mode as explained in Surface and no-fly time.

To use the stopwatch:

  1. Press DOWN to start the stopwatch.
  2. While the stopwatch is running, press DOWN to take split times.
  3. Press UP to stop the stopwatch.
  4. Keep UP pressed to reset the stopwatch.

Apnea timer

Access the apnea timer and adjust settings as explained in Apnea timer.

To use the apnea timer:

  1. Press DOWN to start the fist interval.
  2. Press DOWN to start the apnea cycle.
  3. Press DOWN again to start the next ventilation cycle.
  4. Repeat until the end of the defined number of intervals. Press UP to pause the timer.
  5. Keep UP pressed to reset the timer and press MODE to exit.

Compass calibration

When you first use the compass, you are prompted to calibrate the compass.

To calibrate the compass:

  1. When you see the text Rotate 360°, hold the watch level and slowly rotate the watch in a complete circle, keeping display facing up the whole time.
  2. When you see the text Tilt 90°, slowly tilt the watch up to a vertical position so that the display is facing you.

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