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Suunto Traverse Alpha User Guide - 2.0


Pressing LIGHT activates the backlight.

By default, the backlight turns on for a few seconds and turns off automatically.

There are four backlight modes:

  • Normal: The backlight turns on for a few seconds when you press LIGHT and when the alarm clock sounds. This is the default setting.
  • Off: The backlight is not switched on by pressing a button or when the alarm clock sounds.
  • Night: The backlight turns on for a few seconds when you press any button and when the alarm clock sounds.
  • Toggle: The backlight turns on when you press LIGHT and stays on until you press LIGHT again.

You can change the general backlight setting in the watch settings under GENERAL » Tones/display » Backlight. You can also change the general setting in Movescount.

You can change backlight color, when using red backlight, setting the brightness to 10% makes it possible to view the backlight through night vision goggles.

You can adjust the backlight brightness (in percent), either in the watch settings under Tones/display » Backlight or in Movescount.


When the BACK LAP and START buttons are locked, you can still activate the backlight by pressing LIGHT.


Setting the backlight color to red will not affect the color of flashlight


In addition to normal backlight modes, Suunto Traverse Alpha has one additional mode where the backlight is automatically set to maximum brightness and can be used as a flashlight. To activate the flashlight, keep LIGHT pressed.

flashlight Traverse

The flashlight stays on for about four minutes. You can turn it off at any time by pressing LIGHT or BACK LAP.