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How to optimize the battery life of Suunto D5?

The following tips and settings options will help you understand which features of your Suunto D5 drain battery and how to optimize for longer battery life:

High impact on battery life

  • Display brightness: to save battery, set the display to a reduced brightness. Suunto D5’s display utilizes ambient light to improve the display readability. In bright conditions you can turn the brightness setting off and the display is still fully readable. To adjust the setting open General > Device settings > Brightness.

Medium impact on battery life

  • Frequent use of the compass view while diving: To save battery, try to keep the compass view use to a minimum.
  • Active dive functionalities when not diving for longer times: To save battery, use the mode Off which disables all dive functionalities and shows only the time view. To activate this mode open Dive settings > Mode > Off.

Small impact to battery life

  • Tones and vibra: To save battery, turn off both setting under General > Device settings > Tones and General > Device settings > Vibra.
  • Bluetooth: To save battery, disable Bluetooth by activating the airplane mode under General > Connectivity > Airplane mode.


Note: The battery of your Suunto D5 needs several full charging cycles to show consistent battery time left information. To make this possible, do minimum three full charging cycles with your watch (let it run out of battery and fully recharge it).


Tip: To save battery, your Suunto D5 automatically activates idle and deep sleep modes.

Idle mode will be activated after two minutes of inactivity. In idle mode the number of display colors is reduced and all active display elements, e.g. seconds hand, is deactivated.

Deep sleep will be activated when one day has passed since

  • the last button press,
  • Suunto D5 has been charged or attached to a PC,
  • dive calculation has ended.

When deep sleep is activated, the display of Suunto D5 will be blank and all functionalities will be deactivated. Wake your dive computer up by pressing any button, connecting it to a PC or charger, or by wetting the water contact.