Getting started
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Suunto Traverse Alpha User Guide - 2.0

Getting started

Getting started

Using buttons

Suunto Traverse Alpha has five buttons which allow you to access all the features.

buttons Traverse


  • press to access the start menu
  • press to pause or resume a recording or timer
  • press to increase a value or move up in the menu
  • keep pressed to start recording or access a list of available modes
  • keep pressed to stop and save a recording


  • press to change displays
  • press to enter/accept a setting
  • keep pressed to access/exit the options menu


  • press to activate the backlight
  • press to decrease a value or move down in the menu
  • keep pressed to activate flashlight
  • press to deactivate flashlight


  • press to return to the previous menu
  • press to add a lap during a recording
  • keep pressed to lock/unlock buttons


  • press to access additional display views
  • keep pressed to save POI

When changing the values, you can increase the speed by keeping START or LIGHT pressed until the values start to scroll faster.