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How to reset your Suunto watch?

Note: This article applies for Suunto 3 Fitness, Suunto 5, Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan Collection watches.

There are two resets available for your Suunto 3 Fitness, Suunto 5, Suunto 9 or Suunto Spartan watch if it is not functioning properly.

Both resets are only for emergency situations and should not be performed on a regular basis. If the malfunction persists, please bring your watch to a Suunto Service Center.


Soft reset

A restart may help if

  • device is not responding to button presses, taps, or swipes (touch screen is not working).
  • display is frozen or blank.
  • display is frozen in boot mode (display shows a downward facing arrow - "arrow down" - symbol).
  • no vibration e.g. during button presses.
  • watch functionalities are not working as expected e.g. no wrist heart rate data is recorded (optical heart rate LED lights are not blinking), compass is not calibrating.
  • step counter is not counting daily steps (please note, recorded steps may be shown with a delay).
  • SuuntoLink is not recognizing the device.

Note: The reboot will end and save active exercises. Under normal circumstances no exercise data will be lost.
In rare occasions a soft reset may cause memory corruption issues.


To soft reset:

Press the right upper button for more than 12 seconds and then release it for:

  • Suunto 9
  • Spartan Trainer
  • Spartan Sport
  • Spartan Sport WHR
  • Spartan Sport WHR Baro
  • Spartan Ultra


Press both left and right upper buttons for more than 12 seconds and then release it for:

  • Suunto 3 Fitness
  • Suunto 5


If the soft reset does not fix the issue, we recommend performing a factory reset.


Factory reset

The factory reset will restore the default values of your watch and will erase all data from your watch including exercise data, personal data and settings that have not synced to Movescount / Suunto app. After a hard reset you must set up your Suunto watch again.

Only follow these steps if a Suunto Customer Support agent asked you to do so or in case

  • soft reset did not fix the issue
  • battery life is significantly reduced
  • device is not connecting to GPS (does not apply for Suunto 3 Fitness)
  • device has connectivity issues with Bluetooth devices (e.g. Smart Sensor or mobile app)
  • you follow the SuuntoLink firmware update troubleshooting steps.


To factory reset:

  • Connect your watch to your PC using the Suunto USB cable and wait until SuuntoLink opens. (If not yet installed, download SuuntoLink).
  • Press the cog icon and select Watches.
  • Press Reset all settings and confirm.
  • Press Reset watch, to start the reset procedure.
  • SuuntoLink re-installs the latest software version.
  • Once you see the setup wizard on your watch, the update is complete and you can disconnect it from the cable.
  • Set up your watch.