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Suunto Vyper Novo User Guide


The stopwatch can be used to measure elapsed and split times.

To activate the stopwatch:

  1. While in time mode, scroll through the bottom row view by pressing UP or DOWN until the stopwatch is displayed.

stopwatch ZoopVyperNovo

  1. Press SELECT to start/stop the stopwatch.
  2. Press DOWN to take split times.
  3. Keep SELECT pressed to reset the stopwatch.

After stopping the stopwatch, you can scroll through the split times with DOWN.

You can also use the stopwatch while diving for various timing purposes. To activate the stopwatch in dive mode, keep MODE pressed.

stopwatch divemode ZoopVyperNovo

Start and stop the stopwatch by pressing SELECT.


If a deepstop activates while you are using the stopwatch, the timer field is not visible.

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