Learn how to wake up your Suunto 5 and complete the setup.

Learn how to exercise with real time guidance, how start and end an exercise.

Learn how to use battery modes and prolong battery life during long trainings.

Suunto 5 & 3 Fitness are your perfect training companions and aim to improve your overall fitness level with its adaptive training guidance. Learn how to activate and train according to your 7-day training plan.

Learn how to activate and check your activity and daily heart rate stats on your Suunto 5 and Suunto 3 Fitness.

Suunto 5 & 3 Fitness will give you insights on your energy levels during the day. Learn how to activate stress and recovery monitoring and check your resource levels.

Suunto 5 & 3 Fitness can track your sleep duration and quality. Learn how to activate sleep tracking and read sleep stats.

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