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As a new Suunto watch owner you get access to additional benefits provided to you by Suunto’s partners. 

Value Pack

Suunto Value Pack is a collection of benefits and treats offered by Suunto partners. Value Pack comes with all new Suunto watches and the deals vary from premium trials to free training plans and discounts from partners like Strava and TrainingPeaks. What they have in common is that they all aim at elevating your training and outdoor experience to whole new levels.

Value Pack contents will constantly develop to ensure you’re always prepared for new adventures, so keep checking back what’s new. You will receive the latest Value Pack at the time you connect your new Suunto watch.

Let your new Suunto start paying for itself and check out the valuable partner deals below!



Strava Premium gives you more features to make the most out of your sport – from prepping for your big race or event, to deep performance data-dives, to safety features like Beacon. Customize your experience by choosing the features you need or all 3 packs.

Buy a Suunto watch, connect it to Suunto app and get a free 60-day Strava Premium All Access trial (value 16$/13€/12£). 

Learn more about Strava


Get premium training features and insights to enhance performance—all ad-free. Personalized Form Coaching, training plans, and post-workout analysis to help you set new records and hit your goals. 

Buy a Suunto watch, connect to UA MapMyRun via Suunto app and get a free 3-month premium membership trial (value $17.97). 


Learn more about UA MapMyRun

Komoot with free premium trial

Exclusive offer of 1 month free premium trial. Get unlimited access for premium powerful planning and navigation features to help you fully enjoy the adventure ahead. Try for a month and decide at the end if you want to continue.

Learn more about komoot


TrainingPeaks provides you in-depth analysis and planning tools to help you reach your goal. Track your workouts with your Suunto watch. Afterwards analyze your heart rate, power, pace and other data with TrainingPeaks on web or in mobile and progress towards your goals.

Buy a Suunto watch, connect to TrainingPeaks via Suunto app and get a free 30-day premium membership trial (value $19.95). In addition, enjoy free training programs for running, trail marathon, long distance triathlon and Olympic distance triathlon (total value $290).


Learn more about TrainingPeaks


Tell the whole story with Relive Plus. Create amazing 3D stories of your Suunto adventures, add music, edit them as many times as you like, share them in stunning HD, and much more.

The value of 3-month trial of Relive Plus is €20.97 / $20.97 / £20.97.


Learn more about Relive

Free 3 months Humango trial

Humango™ is a unique platform designed to improve athletic motivation and performance. Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Humango™ analyzes your data holistically in order to optimize your long-term potential. AI engine, translates each new data point from across your performance, scheduling, preferences, and feedback into actionable insights and real-time adjustments to your prescribed workouts that are synched to Suunto with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn more about Humango

20% off AI Endurance yearly subscription

AI Endurance optimized training. A scientific, data-driven training plan that actually improves your performance – AI Endurance has the data to back it up. Artificial intelligence is your edge. Plans and ramp tests to define your threshold levels via heart rate variability can now be synced to your watch with SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn more about AI Endurance

15% discount on CORE Body Temperature Sensor

When your core body temperature goes up, you slow down. CORE continuously and accurately measures core body temp, helping you precisely thermoregulate for top performance. CORE also supports optimal heat adaption, allowing you to tackle the toughest terrain in the hottest climates.

When you purchase a Suunto watch, you get a 15% discount on a CORE body temperature sensor.

Value: 15% on final price

Learn more about CORE

Get 10% off on your ENGO connected eyewear

  • Real-time metrics displayed in your field of your view, for enhanced performance.
  • Designed for cyclists, triathletes, runners and trailers, nordic skiers or any other endurance sports, ENGO connected glasses display real-time performance data right where you need it most.
  • ENGO is the lightest, brightest, highest performing product of its kind, with the power to change the way athletes train and compete.
  • For data-driven, performing athletes or sportsmen looking to improve their performance, ENGO enables instant and intuitive access to real-time data, at a glance, in their field of view. There’s no need to slow down or interrupt flow.
  • Train better with precision and compete at the speed of sight - with ENGO.
  • Experience your metrics in real time, effortless: Power, pace, heart rate, speed, distance, elevation gain, time and many more.

Learn more about ENGO

30% from Absolutsweat starter pack, normally 229 €

Get -30% from Absolutsweat starter pack. The sensor measures the sweatrate as well as minerals lost during heavy exercise. The starter pack has the sensor with 12 patches to attach skins. Connect with Suunto watch for live data during workouts.

Get 10% of from Moxy

Get 10% discount from Suunto compatible Moxy Sensor (also as Moxy 3-sensor bundle).  Moxy can be used to monitor SmO2 and THb on a single superficial muscle anywhere on the body for athletes and for researchers.  Moxy 3-Sensor Bundle is intended for training centres and for researchers that want to monitor a multiple sites.

Terms & conditions

Individual consumers who both have a new connectible Suunto device (including but not limited to Suunto 3 Fitness, Suunto 9, Suunto Spartan Family) and connect the device to the mobile Suunto App are eligible to receive the Value Pack. The Value Pack received in connection with a particular Suunto device may not be the same as displayed in at any given time.

The content and the availability of the Value Pack changes from time to time. The content and availability of the Value Pack may also differ from country to country and between different connected Suunto devices. The Value Pack is not available in all countries and regions. You will receive the latest Value Pack that is available at the time you connect the device and register your information.

A free trial period of a service offered by Suunto’s partner may only be available to the new customers of the partner. You may, thus, not be eligible for it if you are already using the service.

See full Value Pack terms & conditions here

In case you have any issues with redeeming your Value Pack please contact Suunto customer care