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Run wild for nature!

SuuntoRun — 25 九月 2020

Be one of the million runners running for one million species.

Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors ends up revering nature and wanting to protect it. And it needs our protection more than ever with study after study showing the planet’s ecosystems and wild animal population are in steep decline because of human activity. We must move to stop this now.

You can be part of the change by becoming one of the million runners that Adidas Runtastic and its partners are calling on to lace up and run for the one million species currently threatened with extinction. To add your voice, sign up for the Run Wild Challenge on the adidas Running app, pick one of three animals to compete with, and get moving! 

The Run Wild Challenge aims to inspire and educate runners by sharing knowledge and stories about three particular animals: Adjany the elephant, Tendrel Zangmo the tiger, or Pamoja the pangolin. When you sign up for the challenge on the adidas Running app, you’ll follow one of these three threatened animals through their habitat as you try to keep up with the kilometers they travel daily. As you do, you’ll learn more about their ecosystems, the foundations and people working to protect them, and more ways you can get involved to support them.

In partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and Internet of Elephants, adidas Runtastic’s Run Wild Challenge will prove that athletes and outdoor adventure types are calling for new global efforts to protect the natural world and endangered species. They will take the results of the Run Wild Challenge to the UN General Assembly Biodiversity Summit this September.


To connect your Suunto app account with adidas Running, open Suunto app and tap “Profile”. Then click on “Connect to other services”. Select adidas Running and enter your adidas Running login details to connect the two apps.


Hop across to the Run Wild Challenge on adidas Running app and add your voice now!


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