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Another record falls to the king of speed


Another record falls to the king of speed

15 Juli 2014

Keeping up with Kilian Jornet is a full time job for his fans this summer. Less than a month after ascending north America's highest mountain Denali in record time the trail-running, speed-ascending legend has smashed another record – this time the Hardrock 100 ultra run. It's one of the world's toughest ultras and the most famous in America. 

But help is at hand. Thanks to the new connected capabilities of the Ambit3, it's possible to relive and share Kilian's epic feat, in which he knocked 42 minutes off the previous record to finish in a time of 22h 41m.

His move, which reveals just how fast he was running, can now be seen as a video animation on a 3D map. The 'Suunto Movie' is a feature of the new Suunto Movescount App which will become available from September. (Click here for more details of the App and the Suunto connected family of Ambit3 watches.)

The Hardrock, a 160km race with a total climb of 20,722m, holds legendary status for ultra runners the world over and had been on Kilian's tick list since he was a teenager.

“I’m thrilled for this result, this was the last race left from the list I made when I was 16. I’m very satisfied both for the victory and the record, but also because I’ve had very good feeling from the begining. It has been almost a perfect race,” said Kilian after the race.

“The path is very beautiful, both for the track and the landscapes,” he added. It’s one of this races that I wouldn’t let any single part left, it was great to run here. The lowest point of the race is at 3.000m so it’s a very technical race in high height, which makes it special. Without even hesitate, this is one of the nicest races I’ve ever done.”

Thought this was epic? Prepare to be amazed by Kilian's record ascent of Denali.

Photo: ©Jordi Saragossa

Kilian Jornet