Calibrating compass
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Suunto Ambit2 R User Guide - 2.0

Calibrating compass

Compass mode asks you to calibrate the compass before you start using it. If you have already calibrated the compass and want to re-calibrate it, you can access the calibration option in the options menu.

To calibrate the compass:

  1. Keep Next pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Scroll to general using Light Lock and enter with Next.
  3. Scroll to Compass using Start Stop or Light Lock and enter with Next.
  4. Press Next to select Calibration.
  5. Turn and tilt the watch in multiple directions until the watch beeps, indicated calibration is complete.

calibrating compass Ambit2

If the calibration is successful, the text Calibration successful is displayed. If the calibration does not succeed, the text Calibration failed is displayed. To retry the calibration, press Start Stop.