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Suunto Ambit2 User Guide - 2.0

Using Automatic profile

The Automatic profile switches between the Altimeter and Barometer profiles according to your movements. When the Automatic profile is active, the device will automatically switch between interpreting changes in air pressure as changes in altitude or changes in weather.


It is not possible to measure weather and altitude changes at the same time, as both cause a change in the surrounding air pressure. Suunto Ambit2 senses vertical movement and switches to measuring altitude, when needed. When altitude is shown, it is updated with a maximum delay of 10 seconds.

If you are at a constant altitude (less than 5 meters of vertical movement within 12 minutes), Suunto Ambit2 interprets all pressure changes as weather changes. The measurement interval is 10 seconds. The altitude reading remains steady and if the weather changes, you will see changes in the sea level air pressure reading.

If you are moving in altitude (more than 5 meters of vertical movement within 3 minutes), Suunto Ambit2 interprets all pressure changes as movements in altitude.

Depending on which profile is active, you can access the Altimeter or Barometer profile views with View.


When you are using the Automatic profile, barometer or altimeter icons are not shown on the display.