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Suunto D4f User guide

Dive history

Suunto D4f has a detailed logbook and dive history available in memory mode.

The logbook contains a sophisticated dive profile for each recorded dive. The time between each data point saved in the log is based on the configurable sample rate (see Sample rate).

The dive history is a summary of all recorded dives.

To access dive history:

  1. Press MODE until you see MEM.
  2. Switch between History and Logbook with DOWN or UP.
  3. When you are viewing the history or logbook, you can press MODE to go back and select the other one. Press MODE a second time to exit.


When you have entered the dive history view, you can switch between Scuba History and Free Dive History with DOWN and UP.

Scuba dive history shows you a summary of the following:

  • Dive hours (if a single dive exceeds 10 minutes)
  • Total number of dives
  • Maximum depth

The scuba dive history records a maximum of 999 dives and 999 diving hours. When these limits are reached, the counters reset to zero.

Free dive history shows the following:

  • the deepest and the longest dives of all free dives
  • the cumulative dive time in hours and minutes
  • the total number of dives

The free dive history records a maximum of 999 dives and 99:59 diving hours. When these limits are reached, the counters are reset to zero.


To access the logbook:

  1. Press MODE three time until you come to MEM mode.
  2. Press UP to choose Logbook.
  3. Press DOWN or UP to scroll to the log you wish to look at and press SELECT.
  4. Press SELECT to scroll through the pages.
  5. Press MODE to exit.

Each log has three pages:

  1. Summary
  2. maximum depth
  3. date of dive
  4. type of dive (indicated by first letter of dive mode, F for Free and G for Gauge mode if dive exceeds 10 minutes)
  5. dive start time
  6. dive number – from oldest to newest
  7. total dive time (in minutes)
  8. Surface time
  9. maximum depth
  10. surface time after previous dive
  11. average depth
  12. Dive profile
  13. Dive profile graph
  14. water temperature
  15. depth/time profile of the dive

Press UP to step through the dive profile graph or keep UP pressed to auto-scroll.

The dive profile graph shows point by point dive information.

The End of Logs text is displayed between the oldest and most recent dive.

The logbook capacity depends on the sample rate. With the default setting (2 sec), the capacity is approximately 3.5 hours.

If the memory is full, when new dives are added, the oldest dives are deleted.

The contents of the memory remain when the battery is changed (providing that the battery has been replaced according to the instructions).

Dive numbering

Repetitive dives on the same day are considered part of the same dive series.

Within each series, the dives are given numbers. The first dive of the series is DIVE 1, the second DIVE 2, and so on.

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