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How to get started with SuuntoPlus™ guides

SuuntoPlus™ brings new tools and insights to your watch to give you inspiration and improved ways to enjoy your active lifestyle. 

Getting started: 
  • Ensure you have the latest software version for your Suunto 3, Suunto 5 or 5 Peak, Suunto 9, 9 Baro, 9 Peak or 9 Peak Pro watch. 
  • Make sure you have the latest update for the Suunto app. 
  • Make sure you have selected a partner that offers Suunto guides or one of our guides here. You can find a list of partners offering Suunto guides in the SuuntoPlus™ store (see more about that here)
How to use a SuuntoPlus™ guide: 


With the help of our partners, you can seamlessly add guides to your training. Check out what our partners have to offer or select one of our own Suunto guides.

    1. Log in to our partner's app or website and make sure your Suunto account is connected from their end. Most partners are connected from their platform or website, but some (for example, Training Peaks - are connected from Suunto app).
    2. Create a nutrition plan, a training plan, or a structured interval workout that will automatically flow to your watch once you have your watch paired and connected to the Suunto app. You can also check the guide under SuuntoPlus™ guides on the sync screen. 
    3. Depending on the date of your workout or plan, you will be prompted to start your exercise with the guide you created.  

Note: in case of previously active connections to 3rd party platforms (in Suunto app under Partner services) - for example, TrainingPeaks - you will need to disconnect and reconnect to the service before it will work again with the guides. 

Guides new UI.png

The SuntoPlus™ guides option will be available in the sync view. Any guide you just created and is available in your watch will show a green watch symbol. You can pin any guide to the watch to ensure it's prioritized in case there's limited space left in the watch memory, or remove any guide from the app and watch by tapping on it and selecting "remove guide" on the bottom of the guide card.  

Guide car remove.png

Note: Suunto app allows you to create and schedule structured workout sessions natively. They will be available in the watch as guides: learn more about structured workouts here

Note: while recording an exercise, you can either use a SuuntoPlus™ feature or a SuuntoPlus™ guide or a structured workout. You cannot use any simultaneously.