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Suunto 7 User Guide


Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)

If you want to know about intensity, think EPOC! The higher your EPOC number, the higher the intensity of your workout - and the higher the amount of energy you'll spend recovering from your (presumably epic) exercise.

Beidou is a Chinese satellite navigation system.

FusedAlti™ provides an altitude reading that is a combination of GPS and barometric altitude. It minimizes the effect of temporary and offset errors in the final altitude reading.

FusedTrack™ technology combines movement data with GPS data to ensure more accurate tracking.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) is an alternative positioning system to GPS.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides location and time information in all weather conditions by satellites orbiting Earth.

Popular starting points
Popular starting points are generated from exercises done by the Suunto community and are visible as small dots in the heatmaps for Suunto Wear app and Suunto app.

Peak Training Effect (PTE)

Check out PTE when you want to know how big of an impact your exercise had on your overall aerobic fitness. Looking at the PTE scale is the easiest way to grasp why it's useful: 1-2: Improves basic endurance, builds a good foundation for progress 3-4: Doing this 1-2 times a week effectively improves aerobic fitness 5: You're really exerting yourself and you shouldn't do this often.

Recovery time
Recovery time pretty much does what it states: it gives you an estimation on how long you need to recover from your exercise based on stats like duration and intensity. Recovery is a key element of both your training and overall wellness. Taking time to rest when needed is as important as your activities, and will help prepare you for adventures to come.

Suunto Wear app
A built-in app on your Suunto 7 to track your sports and adventures with accurate real-time data and free offline maps and heatmaps.

Suunto app
A mobile companion app to sync and save your exercises from your watch to your sports diary on your phone.

SWOLF is a not-all-that-catchy way of saying “how efficiently you swim”. Basically, it measures how many strokes you need to cover a certain distance when you’re swimming. That’s why a lower SWOLF number means a more efficient swimming technique.

Wear OS by Google companion app
A mobile companion app that connects your Suunto 7 with your phone so that you can use smart features like notifications, Google Pay and more.

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