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Suunto joins the Golden Trail World Series

SuuntoRun — 13 avril 2022

Six elite races and a grand final - follow the action live here.

👉🏼 Follow Sierre-Zinal, the fourth race of the GTWS 2022 season, on Saturday 13th of August from 08:30am
 CET here or at 


👉🏼 Follow Stranda Fjord Trail Race, the third race of the GTWS 2022 season, on Saturday 6th of August from 11:00am CET here or at 


👉🏼 Follow Marathon du Mont Blanc, the second race of the GTWS 2022 season, on Sunday 26th of June from 7:00am
 CET here or at 


👉🏼 Follow Zegama, the first race of the GTWS 2022 season, on Sunday 29th of May from
8:30am CET here or at 

Suunto is proud to be an official partner of the Golden World Trail Series 2022 that’s kicking off on May 29 with the legendary Zegama-Aizkorri trail marathon in Spain, and is followed by five more high profile races around Europe and the US that culminate in a grand finale on the island of Madeira.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Golden Trail World Series and be part of the most exciting trail races of the summer,” says Antti Laiho, Suunto global brand marketing manager. “With the new SuuntoPlus Race guides we can also support the competitors in a new, helpful way.”



What makes it special

These iconic races are the ones every runner wants to experience. This, and a clear and simple format where each runner’s best three results from the six races count, make the series easier for the public to follow and get behind. Each year the Golden Trail World Series will choose a very special race for the Grand Final In 2022, the top 30 men and women from the overall ranking after the sixth race will be invited to the Madeira Ocean Trails stage race grand final. This guarantees epic action until the very last finish line.

Supported by Salomon, the series is special in many other ways. “In trail running nowadays there are many series, world championships, the European championship and so on so nobody really knows what is going on,” says Philipp Reiter, the Global Community Manager Salomon - Trailrunning.

“The Golden Trail World Series is different because it has the best athlete field in the world and supports athletes regardless of brand sponsor to join the competition, it pays travel expenses to get them to the races and there is equality between men and women in terms of prize money, visibility, media coverage, which is pretty unique. And the prize money is really high. The goal of the series is to bring trail running to a larger audience and to grow the sport, not just promoting it to the core community as is the case so often.”


The seven races

Tune in or sign up for the world’s biggest trail running show!

  • 29th May: Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain
  • 26th June: Marathon du Mont-Blanc, France
  • 6th August: Stranda Fjord Trail Race, Norway
  • 13th August: Sierre-Zinal, Switzerland
  • 17th September: Pikes Peak Ascent, USA
  • 25th September: Flagstaff Sky Peaks, USA
  • 26th to 30 October: Grand Final, Madeira Ocean Trails®, Madeira.

Sign up and follow real-time race guidance during the GTWS races!

With the help of SuuntoPlus Guides, we will guide you through your Golden Trail World Series race. Before starting a trail running sport mode on the start line of the race, go down to exercise options and select the correct Race Guide in the SuuntoPlus Guides menu. Start the workout and you will see race course information like climbs, feed zones, control points and more in real-time during the race. Swipe left to see the guidance screen.

Learn more about SuuntoPlus Guides here.


All images: © Jordi Saragossa