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Software updates enhance the functionality of your Suunto products through new features and improvements. We strongly encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available.


Download the software from the links. Install the software to your computer by double-clicking the download file.


Download for Mac

(OSX 10.13 or later)

Download for Windows

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Connect your Suunto watch to your computer with the provided USB cable.

SuuntoLink opens automatically when the watch is detected. Follow the on-screen instructions for updating or syncing your watch.

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Release notes


Release starting from March 29th, 2022

This update brings one new feature as well as bug fixes.

New feature:


Release starting from January 27th, 2022

This update brings couple of new features, as well as bug fixes.

New features:

  • SuuntoPlusTM features are added to and removed from watch in Suunto app
  • Possibility to start exercise from navigation view


Release starting from September 28th, 2021

This update brings new features, performance enhancements as well as some bug fixes.

New features:

  • Media controls on the watch
  • SuuntoPlusTM Burner shows the amount of fat and carbs burned during exercise
  • Send predefined replies to incoming messages from watch (Android only)
  • Two new watch faces


Staged release starting from June 14, 2021

This update brings new features, performance enhancements as well as some bug fixes.

New features:

  • SuuntoPlusTM Ghost runner
  • Snap to route running for accurate track, distance and pace
  • New watch face familiar from Suunto 3
  • Suunto app pairing and time sync as part of first use wizard
  • Raise to wake backlight
  • Padel added as new sport
  • Traditional Chinese in China edition watches


Staged release starting from May 18, 2021

This update brings some bug fixes and improvements.


Staged release starting from April 12, 2021

This update brings new features, performance enhancements as well as some bug fixes.

New features:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation alerts powered by komoot. Plan your route on komoot’s desktop or mobile app and sync it to your watch. When a turn is approaching, you’ll receive an alert so you can enjoy the scenery instead of focusing on your watch. (Not available in China)
  • Points of interest creation and navigation: Save important locations in Suunto app or on the watch. Navigate towards those locations with your watch.


Greek language and performance enhancements

  • Greek can now be selected as a language
  • Improved GPS tracking accuracy with new GPS firmware
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Staged release starting from September 7, 2020

This update brings new features, quality enhancements as well as some bug fixes

New watch features

  • New Outdoor watch face​
  • Waypoint names

SuuntoPlus™ features (more information at​

  • Safe – My location​
  • Climb – Hill Training​
  • Loop – Lap Timer (Speed)
  • Loop – Lap Timer (Pace)
  • Loop – Lap Timer (Power)
  • Sprint – Running Pace​
  • Sprint – Cycling Power​
  • Wings for Life World Run​

SuuntoPlus™ features store data for Suunto app to show​

  • Strava: Relative effort​
  • TrainingPeaks with Running Pace: Running Training Stress Score® (rTSS), Normalized Graded Pace® (NGP)​
  • TrainingPeaks with Power: Training Stress Score® (TSS), Normalized Power® (NP)​
  • TrainingPeaks with Heart Rate: Training Stress Score® (hrTSS)​
  • Climb: Climbs as laps, normalized graded pace, number of climbs​
  • Loop: Loops as laps, number of loops, best loop duration, average loop duration and distance. ​
  • Sprint with Cycling Power: Sprints as laps, number of sprints, average sprint duration, average max power from sprint​
  • Sprint with Running Pace: Sprints as laps, number of sprints, average sprint duration, average max pace from sprint​
  • Wings for Life World Run: The estimated result distance and duration ​


This update brings new features and performance enhancements.

New features

  • SuuntoPlus™: TrainingPeaks – Cycling power
  • SuuntoPlus™: TrainingPeaks – Running pace
  • SuuntoPlus™: TrainingPeaks – Heartrate

More info:


  • BeiDou satellite system support


This update fixes the bug that caused the wrong date to appear on your watch.


This update brings the following new features:

  • SuuntoPlus™: A menu on the watch where we’ll be adding more features to help you improve your performance (More info:
  • Strava Relative Effort: See in real time how much work goes into your activities. Available under SuuntoPlus™.


This update brings new features, added performance enhancements as well as some fixes

New features

  • Automatically adjusted time zone from Suunto app

Enhancements and fixes

  • In watch guidance tips for first exercise to help get the best performance from your watch
  • Improved GPS tracking accuracy with new GPS firmware


This release includes performance enhancements.


Staged release starting June 18, 2019 

This update brings new features, added performance enhancements as well as some fixes (we’ve highlighted a few below) 

New Features: 

  • New sport modes: Mountain biking Enduro, Mountian biking Downhill with vertical laps that calculate your downhills automatically and also Triathlon Race with Power. 
  • In watch guidance tips to help get the best performance from your watch 
  • Pool swimming now has new pace clock screen face 

Enhancements and Fixes: 

  • Disable breadcrumb screen from sport mode options 
  • Improvements to auto laps functionality  
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements