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General product safety

Suunto cares about your safety. We are committed to provide you high-quality products that you can rely on.

We use advanced sensors and algorithms to generate metrics that can help you in your activities and adventures. We strive to be as accurate as possible. However, none of the data our products and services collect is perfectly reliable, nor are the metrics they generate absolutely precise. Calories, heart rate, location, movement detection, stress/recovery indicators and other measurements may not match the metrics measured in laboratory conditions and are estimates only.

Suunto products and services are intended for recreational use only and are not meant for medical purposes of any kind.

Please read these warnings carefully before using any of our products. Always follow the recommendations set forth herein and apply common sense when using the devices.

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NOTE! Use of dive products is always subject to special safety guidelines, which are located at the user guidelines of dive products and available at: You must read the safety instructions and warnings before using dive products.

If your product supports navigation features, please keep in mind these features are meant as navigation support. When navigating, use all available sources of information and observe your surroundings. Navigation guidance from a product does not in any case replace good judgement, common sense and attentiveness. Do not follow routes if they seem to lead you to unsafe situations or areas that are off-limits to the general public. And keep in mind the limits of electronic devices. You should have with you a good map and compass as backup.

Storm alarm
Some products may provide an alarm about a possible storm approaching. The alarm is triggered by a significant drop in barometric pressure. It is possible that the alarm sounds when there is no storm, or that a storm arises without triggering the alarm. You should observe weather conditions on a regular basis and use common sense during your outdoor activities. Take cover and play it safe when the weather conditions are bad. Further, when planning outdoor activities, take time to check the latest weather forecasts before heading out.

GPS position (speed, distance etc.)
A GPS fix rate defines the accuracy of your track and other measurements that use GPS data. These include, among others, altitude, distance and speed. GPS fix rate has a direct effect on battery life. Different fix rates are generally offered as setting options to extending battery life, but they also decrease the accuracy of the track and measurements. As the GPS reading may not always be reliable, you should have with you a good map and compass as backup.

Some products measure altitude by using GPS or a combination of GPS and barometric pressure. The altitude measurement is heavily dependent on surrounding conditions which may affect accuracy. Therefore, the altitude reading should be considered and estimation and not an absolute position. Always use common sense when outdoors and observe your surroundings as well as be sensitive to your body’s responses to high altitude.

Products that monitor your physical activity and condition, such as steps, calorie consumption, sleep and recovery, are intended to provide useful information to help you live a healthy life and exercise safely. All physiological metrics should be considered estimations, and thus, not assumed to be exceptionally accurate. Further, always remember that these metrics are only for reference and recreational use. Do not use these metrics for medical purposes of any kind.

The accuracy and reliability of optical heart rate measurement may vary from person to person and may not work at all with certain types of activities.

Always remember that heart rate readings, optical or otherwise, are only for reference and recreational use and not intended for medical use of any kind. Always consult a doctor before using a heart rate monitor if you have a pacemaker or other internal electronic device.

Sunrise / Sunset / Moon phase
Some products include sunrise and sunset indicators. The sunrise and sunset times are determined based on GPS data from the last time you used GPS. Therefore, if you have not used your GPS for a while, the times may not be accurate. Do not rely solely on the sunrise and sunset times in your product. Always use common sense, observe your surroundings and cross-check other available information sources for estimating the time of sunrise and sunset.

Some products can also track moon phases based on the date you have set on your product. Do not use the moon phase functionality to estimate or forecast tides in situations where your safety is at risk. Always check also for other available information sources and play it safe.

Training guidance
Some products may provide training plans and other forms of exercise guides. Such guidance is given based on general recommendations and the data you have recorded with your product. The guidance given may, therefore, not be suitable for you or for your purposes or it may be inaccurate. Please consult a doctor before starting any sort of regular exercise program and stop immediately any such activities you find have a negative impact on your health or well-being. Please also use common sense when following the guidance and training plans.