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How can I dive with multiple gases with my Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Core, or Suunto D5?

With Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Core and Suunto D5 you can dive using multiple gases.

To do so, you need to:

  • Define the gases you want to use beforehand (learn how to do it on the dive computer itself in the user guide of your product. You need to define all the gas mixtures you intend to use during the dive in the Gases menu, because the decompression algorithm calculates ascent time taking all the gases available in the Gases menu into account. 
  • Activate multi-gas diving via the dive computer’s settings (Dive settings => Parameters => multiple gases => switch to ON.

EON dive settings and parameters.pngeon MULTIGAS.PNG

You can also do both of these things via Suunto app, by accessing the “dive mode customization” section in the app (see more details in our dedicated FAQ on dive mode customization, and in our how to video:


Customize dives SA iOS.png

NOTE: If you are diving with only one gas, make sure that you have only that one gas in the Gases menu. Otherwise, Suunto EON Steel Black expects you to use all gases in the list and notifies you to change gas during the dive. 


During your dive, the dive computer will alert you of the need to change gas once you reach the appropriate depth (according to the maximum operating depth (MOD) of the gas) with a visual notification and an audible beep:

Change gas.PNG

When you see the notification, you need to manually switch to the following gas in your dive plan:

  • Long press/hold the middle button to open the “gas” menu which should go straight into Gas menu
  • Scroll through the options to select the gas you want to switch to.
  • Press the middle button to select the chosen gas.

The dive computer will switch gas, and show you which gas you have switched to. 

Action change gas and success.PNG