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Getting started with Heart Rate (HR) zones

What are the HR zones?

  • Heart rate zones are a way to measure and track your training intensity during an activity, giving you important insight to ensure you're training in the most effective way to stay healthy and build your fitness.

Where do the default HR zones come from?

  • Default HR zones are determined on age and then distributed into 5 zones based on common physiology characteristics.
  • You can set your own HR zones based on personal insight and experience (if you have completed physiology tests/know your zones).

Where do I see my HR zones on my Spartan?

  • HR zones have been added to all factory and customized sport modes that track heart rate.
  • The heart rate zone gauge is visible on all data displays, both factory modes and custom modes tracking HR, making it easy to monitor the current intensity of your activity
  • A separate HR zone screen can be viewed in factory (default) sport modes showing cumulative time in different HR zones during the activity.
  • Move Summary: view the duration of your activity at different HR zones

What are advanced HR zones?

  • HR zones can be set up specifically for running (Running, Trail Running, Treadmill) and cycling (Cycling, MTB, Indoor Cycling). This ensures that you can track these sport-specific HR zones and train at the right intensity level in different activities.