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Suunto Summit 2017


Suunto Summit 2017

16 марта 2017

Last autumn we found some true Suunto fans and invited them for a weekend of sports, workshops and sauna. Now we are getting ready for the second edition of Suunto Summit and here are the participants!


Watch the video and experience the first ever Suunto Summit that was held in October, 2016.

We are thrilled to share the selections for the Suunto Summit 2017. After hosting an open, public application process, we received inspiring motivation letters and stories from all around the world.

Within our final group we have authors, awarding- winning photographers, influential bloggers; we have XTERRA world-champions, and winners of major ultra-trail races.  Balancing these inspiring experiences and accomplishments was a challenge, but we are thrilled to have had so many inspiring applications that shared a synonymous passion for being a part of the Suunto community. 


  • 6 female, 9 male
  • 9 from Europe (2 France, 1 Spain, 1 Finland, 2 Sweden, 1 Norway, 1 Latvia, 1 UK, 1 Switzerland)
  • 2 from USA, 1 from New Zealand, 1 China, 1 Malaysia.

Suunto Summit 2017 participants:

  • Arnau - Spain
  • Diane-Perle - Switzerland
  • Marta - Latvia
  • Marit - Norway
  • Mia - USA
  • Barbara - USA
  • Petra - New Zealand
  • Ramon - Malaysia
  • Sebastien - China
  • Pelle - Sweden
  • Jean-François - France
  • Tim - United Kingdom (UK)
  • Mathias - France
  • Sante - Finland
  • Oskar - Sweden

Congratulations to all selected, and a huge thank you to all who applied and shared their passion with us!

- Suunto Team