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Five adventure films to watch

SuuntoRun — 5 一月 2023

From personal growth to pushing the limits here are five adventure films that inspired us in 2022. Kick back and enjoy!

Lost then found

When you lose a part of yourself you begin to question why you were holding onto it so much, to begin with, in a life where change is the only constant, how do we let go and focus on the things that bring us joy?

Lost then found is the introductory episode of Suunto ambassador Christian Meier’s year-long project exploring the transition from a professional cyclist to an ultra trail runner.

”This project is about stepping back to gain a better perspective on life’s highs, lows, and challenges, which make it beautifully complex,” says Christian.


Suunto ambassador Antti Autti has just started his 20th season as a professional snowboarder and kicks it off with a new Arctic Lines episode called “Twenty”. Twenty is actually split in chapters one and two so there’s plenty to watch!

“I’m not going to say I want to celebrate the anniversary but I want to have a season where I am really going for it!” Antti says.

In Twenty Chapter 2, Antti gets in trouble and is taken down by an avalanche. He is forced to think hard about his approach to risk-taking while exploring.

No matter what we do, accidents can happen. And when that happens, our greatest responsibility is to share the experiences honestly, even if it’s painful. That way, others can learn from our mistakes and make better decisions in the backcountry.


Bikepacking the Arctic Post Road

Adventure buddies and Suunto ambassadors Sami Sauri and Henna Palosaari went on a bikepacking trip way up above the Artic Circle over summer. Wild, vast open spaces, reindeer, kindly locals - they had a blast.

“Experiencing the simplicity of life up north and the local culture combined with the tranquility of the long wilderness sections creates a bikepacking experience that takes you miles away from the city hustle,” says Henna about the 430 km trip from Ylläs in Finnish Lapland to Alta, on the fjords at the top of Norway.

Read more about the Arctic Post Road


Turn it all off and come back to the present moment

"Present" follows Suunto ambassador Freya Orban and her friend and photographer Lukas Dürnegger as they go on a fast packing hut to hut trip in the mountains of Jämtland in central Sweden to rediscovering presence and the joy of running. Freya and Lukas left their smartphones at home and really tuned into the living world around them. Along the way they took time to stop a lot – and ate handfuls of juicy blueberries and cloudberries.

Read Freya’s 3 tips to find presence


So far… we have made it this far


Was this MTB adventure actually a MTB adventure? Sure, they had their mountain bikes with them. But with terrain so tough it’s hard to even hike it, what to speak of riding it, the question of what to call this madcap adventure arises.

The ragtag group of riding buddies consisting of Kevin Landry, JF Newton, Margus Riga, Kenny Smith, andPeter Wojnar set off on a freeriding adventure deep into British Columbia’s wild and rugged Chilcotin mountain range in search of new freeride lines.

The word expedition suits it better than adventure and 'challenge' doesn’t really do it justice. Watch the video above and read the report from the film crew and maybe you’ll reach a satisfying way to define it.