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Blaze Fresh Routes

SuuntoRun — 13 五月 2020

Stay safe and find the routes less travelled with Suunto Heatmaps.
Rather than follow the herd, with Suunto Heatmaps you can find places where the crowd doesn't train. Then paint the town red and yellow with your own training glow. Whether you're looking for running, cycling, swimming or hiking routes, Heatmaps shows where the hotspots are, and where there's space for you to stay safe and keep your distance.

View Heatmaps on Suunto app and offline with Suunto 7

Based on millions of workouts, Heatmaps show where the Suunto community loves to train across the planet.  Discover new training routes in your own neighborhood, find the popular local spots when you are somewhere new or – to stay safe and keep your distance – avoid the much-travelled trails. 
Suunto Heatmaps on Suunto app
To view activity specific Heatmaps and to plan routes go to the map view of your Suunto app and select the desired Heatmap layer. If you don’t have Suunto app yet, get it from the App Store or Google Play and start exploring. 
On a Suunto 7 you have easy, offline access to both Heatmaps and detailed terrain maps when you're exercising outdoors. You can see your track on the map, use Heatmaps to explore new routes, or follow your track back to where you started from.