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SuuntoRide — 27 August 2014

The French mountain bike legend Cedric Gracia took part in the Enduro World Series round 6 in Whistler, British Columbia. Gracia is a multi-talented bike racer and entertainer who has competed on the top level since the mid-90s. We got in touch with him to find out how he’s doing.

When did you make the shift from downhill mountain biking to enduro?
I made the shift two years ago, but feel like I’ve been riding enduro all my life. For me enduro is real mountain biking. I did it because waiting for my DH practice everyday wasn’t just enough. I wanted to ride more.

I still love racing for sure but more and more I like to ride different trails around the world and bring people with me to share the experience. I also like to share my life with Through My Eyes video series.

You had a few bad accidents in your last years as a downhill racer. Did those have anything to do with this change?
I definitely have been thinking about things but in a good way. The answer to why I ride bikes was easy: because I love riding, it’s my life! The fear of ending up in a wooden box will never stop me from riding. I live to ride and ride to live. This is my spirit.

What do you love about racing enduro?
Now I am able to ride all day instead of waiting for practice.

How have the courses at the Enduro World Series been this season?
Some courses have been really good but some have been really XC and way too long for enduro. Also the connection between stages has been too long.

La Thuile in Italy was real enduro riding. I loved it. Whistler was too long, the trails were really destroyed and some of the secret trails weren’t that secret.

Is enduro still the little brother of downhill racing?
I think enduro is real mountain biking. Downhill is the poster image of the sport, but the sells are in enduro.

How have you changed your training since focusing on enduro?
Longer rides and shorter fitness hours at the gym. I love it. I do more outside exercises now.

What do you think are your strengths as a rider?
I don’t know if I have any, but I love pushing my limits and never give up. 

What are the aspects you’re trying to improve?
I try to share my love for biking with more people through my Facebook page and my own video series.

How do you use your Suunto Ambit2 in training?
I record my training and share it with my followers. I can see what I have done during the year and my trainer can help me improve points where I am not the best.

You’ve been racing on an international level for 20 years and you are not known for taking it easy. How have you been able to pull it of in a risky sport like this?
I love the sport and am ready to give it all.