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Rails to trails

SuuntoRide — 16 Februar 2021

During this time of social distancing we have been forced to change our ways of riding and adventuring.

A winter riding camp somewhere warm, like Mallorca or Madeira, would have been the norm just a year ago. Not anymore! We had to look the other way for an adventure ride – to the cold, wild north.

Follow us on a wintery two-wheeled adventure from Suunto HQ to the magical landscape of Kiilopää in Finnish Lapland. 

Watch now! 


Rails to trails, a weekend of winter bikepacking in Lapland, Finland.


Winter fatbiking at Kiilopää

Magical riding amongst the snow ghosts at Kiilopää, Finland.


Cold ride, minus 20 celsius

Better keep moving!


Warm by the fire at the wilderness hut

Good times at the hut in the evening.


The crew: Timo Veijalainen, Antti-Pekka Laiho and Erkki Punttila.

The riders: Timo Veijalainen, Antti-Pekka Laiho and Erkki Punttila.


All images by Jaakko Posti Photography

Video by Joonas Vinnari / Kona Bikes