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Suunto Ambit2 User Guide - 2.0

Adjusting settings

Adjusting settings

To access and adjust the settings:

  1. Keep Next pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Scroll the menu with Start Stop and Light Lock.
  3. Press Next to enter a setting.
  4. Press Start Stop and Light Lock to adjust the setting values.
  5. Press Back Lap to return to the previous view in the settings, or keep Next pressed to exit the options menu.

adjusting settings Ambit2

You can access the following options:


  • Birth year
  • Weight
  • Max HR
  • Gender


  • Language
  • Unit system
    • Metric
    • Imperial
    • Advanced: Allows you to customize a mix of imperial and metric settings according to your own liking in Movescount.
  • Position format:
    • WGS84 Hd.d°
    • WGS84 Hd°m.m'
    • WGS84 Hd°m's.s
    • UTM
    • MGRS
    • British (BNG)
    • Finnish (ETRS-TM35FIN)
    • Finnish (KKJ)
    • Irish (IG)
    • Swedish (RT90)
    • Swiss (CH1903)
    • UTM NAD27 Alaska
    • UTM NAD27 Conus
    • UTM NAD83
    • NZTM2000
  • Time format: 12 h or 24 h
  • Date format:, mm/dd/yy


  • GPS timekeeping: on or off
  • Dual time: hours and minutes
  • Alarm: on/off, hours and minutes
  • Time: hours and minutes
  • Date: year, month, day


  • Invert display: inverts the display coloring
  • Button lock
    • Time mode lock: Button lock in Time mode.
      • Actions only: Start and options menus are locked.
      • All buttons: All buttons are locked. Backlight can be activated in Night mode.
    • Sport mode lock: Button lock in sport modes.
      • Actions only: Start Stop, Back Lap and the options menu are locked during exercise.
      • All buttons: All buttons are locked. Backlight can be activated in Night mode.
  • Tones:
    • All on: button tones and system tones are activated
    • Buttons Off: only system tones are activated
    • All off: all tones are off
  • Backlight: Mode:

    • Normal: The backlight is switched on for a few seconds when you press Light Lock and when the alarm sounds.
    • Off: The backlight is not switched on by pressing a button or when the alarm sounds.
    • Night: The backlight is switched on for a few seconds when you press any button and when the alarm sounds. Using the Night mode significantly reduces battery duration.
    • Toggle: The backlight is switched on when you press Light Lock. It stays on until you press Light Lock again.

    • Brightness: Adjust backlight brightness (percentage).

  • Display contrast: Adjust the display contrast (in percentages).


  • Calibration: Start compass calibration.
  • Declination: Set the compass declination value.


  • Orientation
    • Heading up: Displays the zoomed-in map with the heading pointing up.
    • North up: Displays the zoomed-in map with the north pointing up.

The alarm will sound even when all tones are off.


  • FusedAlti: Set FusedAlti on/off.
  • Profile: altimeter, barometer, automatic.
  • Reference: altitude, sea level.


  • Bike PODs: Pair a bike POD.
  • Power POD: Pair a power POD.
  • HR belt: Pair a HR belt.
  • Foot POD: Pair a foot POD.
  • Cadence POD: Pair a cadence POD.