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Suunto Zoop Novo User Guide

Dive planning mode

The dive planning mode PLAN NoDeco can be used to plan a dive that does not require decompression. You enter the depth of your upcoming dive, and Suunto Zoop Novo calculates the maximum time you can stay at that depth without requiring decompression stops.

The dive plan takes into account:

  • any calculated residual nitrogen
  • dive history from the past four days

To plan dives:

  1. Press MODE until you see PLAN NoDec.
  2. The display briefly shows your remaining desaturation time before continuing to the planning display.
  3. Press DOWN or UP to scroll your upcoming dive depths. The depth moves in 3 m (10 ft) increments from 9 m – 45 m (30 ft – 150 ft). The no-decompression time limit for the selected depth is shown in the center of the display. If you have dived at least once with Suunto Zoop Novo, the SURFTIME + field appears. You can adjust the surface time with UP.
  4. Between consecutive dives, you can press SELECT to adjust surface time.
  5. Press MODE to exit.

The dive planning mode is disabled if the dive computer is in an error state (see Error state (algorithm lock)) or if the dive mode is off or in Gauge mode.

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