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Suunto Traverse Alpha User Guide - 2.1

Hunting with shot recognition

The automatic shot detection feature was developed specifically for hunting. It works best with hunting rifles and shotguns. It is not intended for handguns or other firearms.

Shot recognition is on by default when you record an activity using the hunting sport mode.

The shot detection algorithm uses a complex formula that takes into account motion patterns from both wrist and gun recoil movement measured by the accelerometer in the watch.

The automatic shot detection works with the watch on either wrist. However, for some users, the shot detection rate is more accurate when the watch is on the trigger hand.

We recommend that the watch strap is secured tightly on the wrist to eliminate disturbance from other sources of movement.

Results may vary depending on many factors, including firearm type, grip type, and accessories such as a support or suppressor. In some cases, a shot may be detected based on movement that is similar to a recoil, even though no shot is actually fired.

Your total shot count is updated on the watch display during the recording, and each shot location is stored.


Compass accuracy may be affected when shot recognition is active. Movement resembling the gun recoil may be mistakenly interpreted as a shot. Not all gun calibers are recognizable, and use of recoil dampening devices hinder shot recognition.

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