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Suunto Traverse Alpha User Guide - 2.1

Service menu

To access the service menu, keep BACK LAP and START pressed simultaneously until the watch enters the service menu.

enter service

The service menu includes the following items:

  • Info:
    • Air pressure: shows the current absolute air pressure and temperature.
    • Version: shows the current software and hardware version.
    • BLE: shows the current Bluetooth Smart version.
  • Display:
    • LCD test: allows you to test that the LCD works properly.
    • Power off: allows you to put the watch into deep sleep.
    • GPS reset: allows you to reset GPS.

Power off is a low power state. Follow the normal startup procedure to wake up the device. All settings except time and date are maintained. Just confirm them through the startup wizard.


The watch switches to power saving mode when it is static for 10 minutes. The watch re-activates when moved.


Service menu content is subject to change without notice during updates.

Resetting GPS

In case the GPS unit cannot find a signal, you can reset GPS data in the service menu.

To reset GPS:

  1. In the service menu, scroll to ACTION with LIGHT and enter with NEXT.
  2. Press LIGHT to scroll to GPS reset and enter with NEXT.
  3. Press START to confirm GPS reset, or press LIGHT to cancel.

Resetting GPS resets GPS data and compass calibration values. Saved logs are not removed.

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