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Suunto Ambit2 User Guide - 2.1

Using Barometer profile

The Barometer profile shows the current sea level air pressure. This is based on the reference values added in the settings and the constantly measured absolute air pressure. For information on setting the reference values, see Setting reference values.

Changes in the sea level air pressure are presented graphically in the middle row of the display.

When the Barometer profile is activated, the barometer icon is shown on the display. For information on setting the Alti & Baro profile, see Setting profiles.

When the Barometer profile is activated, Suunto Ambit2 shows you the following barometric information:

  • top row: the current sea level air pressure
  • middle row: a graph displaying sea level pressure data from the past 26 hours (15 min. recording interval)
  • bottom row: toggle between temperature, time and altitude reference value with View

baro mode

Altitude reference is the latest altitude used in Alti & Baro mode. It can be:

  • the altitude you have set as altitude reference in the Barometer profile, or
  • the latest altitude logged in the Automatic profile before changing to the Barometer profile.

If you are wearing your Suunto Ambit2 on your wrist, you will need to take it off in order to get an accurate temperature reading because your body temperature will affect the initial reading.

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