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Suunto Ambit 2.5 software upgrade, scheduled for the end of June 2013

Ambit 2.5 SW-version will be made available in by the end of June 2013 and will bring the following most frequently asked for new features of original Ambit users:
a) Further enriched Suunto Apps (with rich math functions, new variables, sound and backlight. NOTE: For original Ambit users only one App remains available per sport mode.)
b) Storm Alarm App
c) Sunrise/Sunset App
d) Countdown timer
e) Autopause
f) Maximum speed of an exercise on watch
g) Battery charge level (%)

Due to SW-code memory restrictions the original Ambit will unfortunately not be able to receive all the current or upcoming new features of the Ambit2 and Ambit2 S such as swimming functionality.

The service will also be further enhanced – providing an ongoing source of new analysis and sharing features and improvements that users will continue asking for. In addition, the Suunto App Zone provides Ambit-owners with a uniquely evolving source of new watch features and functionalities over the years to come.