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Our vision is to be the trusted guide in the world of outdoor sports and adventure – for you and generations to come. 

Doing right for the planet

From thriving oceans, wild rivers and up to glaciated peaks, we all – from the smallest to largest species – depend on the web of life. Suunto and our community of divers and outdoor lovers understand there’s no adventure without it. Protecting our playground is our shared responsibility.

We know we are not perfect, but we are committed to be better.



1936. That’s when we began, more than 80 years later Suunto is still innovating and supporting adventure. Profit alone is not enough; we balance that with being a fair partner throughout the value chain, being a stable high tech employer, and always valuing quality-driven design.


The needs of our employees are important to us. Encouraging a rewarding work-life balance is part of our culture. Beyond our walls, we know our products help sport enthusiasts on every continent live active, healthy lives. We also conduct regular social audits to confirm our suppliers comply with our ethical policy. 


We believe in producing long lasting, and whenever possible, repairable products. This means sometimes going against tech development trends. We’re serious about reducing our environmental impacts so we challenge ourselves to do things differently. 

Walking the talk

Suunto has been a trusted companion in the outdoors since 1936. We make long-lasting and repairable products to minimize waste and the environmental impact. We use 100% renewable energy at our factory and HQ in Finland, which has enabled close to zero emissions in our own operations since 2021. To understand the climate impact of our products, we calculate the lifetime carbon footprint of new watches through life cycle assessments. We also offset these emissions identified. We work towards minimizing our impact through better materials in products and packaging, efficient production processes and encourage our community to contribute through more sustainable everyday choices.

Read more from our Sustainability reports:

Sustainability report 2022
Sustainability report 2021


Decreasing emissions

Our emissions have been gradually decreasing over the past 10 years. We calculate our carbon footprint according to the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol, including all our operations in Finland and covering Scope 1 & 2 and parts of Scope 3 emissions*.

We acknowledge that most of our emissions are created in our value chain. We are in the process of conducting a Scope 3 emission inventory, for having a carbon reduction roadmap and targets ready in 2023. This will enable us to commit to Science Based Targets and the 1.5 degrees reduction target in line with the Paris Agreement.

*Read more in our Sustainability Report 2022, pages 20-25.

Life Cycle Assessment

According to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) one Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar watch creates 6.59 kg CO2e emissions during its whole lifespan, from cradle to grave. This includes all materials and energy used in the production of the watch (raw materials extraction and manufacturing of components, watch strap and packaging) together with other emission sources like logistics, usage, and recycling. The LCA was conducted according GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting standard and verified by a third party, in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 14040/14044. 

6.59 kg CO2e emissions equates to driving a fossil fuel car for 39 kilometers*.

Read more about Suunto's climate actions and purchased voluntary carbon credits.

*Data source: Govt of UK, Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2022.

Carbon offsetting of products

We offset all the lifespan CO2e emissions of each Suunto Vertical, Suunto 9 Peak and 9 Peak Pro watch with Verified Carbon Units (VCS) via Tree-Nation. The offset is done in a reforestation project planting trees, protecting biodiversity, and creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities. Tree-Nation is an internationally recognized non-profit, dedicated to reforesting the world and a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Read more about Suunto's climate actions and purchased voluntary carbon credits.

Repairable products

We design our watches to be tough, durable and long-lasting. Our design philosophy is to make them repairable because minimizing waste and lengthening their lifecycle is more sustainable and cost effective. We maintain a high-quality service center network that repairs our watches. With a Suunto at your side, you can count on a long term partnership.

Refurbished watches

When a customer sends a product back, whenever we can we refurbish it and send it back out into the world for a second life. This reduces electronic waste and ensures precious resources are reused.

Renewable energy

Suunto factory & HQ use 100% renewable energy which means all products made in Finland are also made with 100% renewable, carbon free energy. This covered over 90% of all our products in 2022. This adds to the endeavor to minimize our emissions, for which the bedrock is manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting products.

ISO 14001 certified

Suunto has been ISO14001 certified company since 2013 which means our company has ISO-approved Environmental Management System in place and we are audited by a third-party auditing company every year. The system ensures we assess the possible environmental risks and impacts regularly, mitigate them, track and document the progress. You can read our Environmental Policy here.

Less waste

We track the scrapping of our waste, and ensure it goes to the right places. The amount of waste in our operations has been steadily decreasing.  There always remains room for improvement.

International warranty

We are committed to quality, which is why all our watches and dive computers come with a two year warranty period. Dive computers also come with a five year warranty period for failures attributable to the depth measurement (pressure) sensor. Our international warranty means customers can have their Suunto product repaired under warranty in any Suunto authorized service center around the world, not just in the country where they purchased the product.

Responsible sourcing

Suunto is committed to the highest standards of product quality, and to responsible sourcing practices in line with International Labour Organization (ILO) Standards and the United Nation's Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Our supplier selection is based on Supplier Requirements that include adherence to Suunto's Code of Conduct and Policies. The Ethical Policy and Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement describe our commitment towards supply chain due diligence on human rights and the steps for continuous improvement.

Based in Finland

We are proud to say we are based in Finland. And just like for our Finnish founder Tuomas Vohlonen, the best is never enough for us. We have our own factory in Vantaa, Finland where the vast majority of our devices are made to the highest standards by our skilled staff. In 2022, this was more than 90% of our products.

Whistleblowing channel

Suunto strives to maintain a transparent business climate and high business ethics and values the safety of everyone affected by our business. Hence we have organized a confidential Whistleblowing channel for our stakeholders to alert us on serious risks to people, our organization, the society or the environment. If suspecting a violation of the local or international legislation, standards set in the Suunto Code of Conduct and related policies, fraud or misconduct, we encourage notifying the issue through the channel.

Better together


A holistic approach to sustainability aims to increase positive effects, not just reduce negative ones. These are called, respectively, our handprint and footprint. We aim to tread lightly, and be a force for good. 

We believe in the power of community. Together, we can affect change by raising our voices and taking real action. Our ambassadors care as much as we do.


Jill Heinerth

Underwater explorer Jill Heinerth has dived in icebergs and the Arctic Circle to document our changing planet. These days, educating the public about the growing threat of climate change is what calls her to explore. Suunto supports her expeditions with our dive computers.

Greg Hill

Ski mountaineer Greg Hill is always in search of peaks to climb and pow to shred. Over the years he’s evolved into a sustainability champion, even embarking on an Electric Adventure to prove you don’t need fossil fuels to get into the backcountry. He’s an example to all.

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