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Suunto partners

Suunto has partnered up with the leading product and service providers in the sports and wellbeing industry as well as a few other selected companies to ensure your training & outdoor experience is enhanced to the max. The partners offer a range of features and functionalities all the way from training planning & analysis to tracking your performance and reliving your activities – and sharing your adventures to the communities you belong.

You can identify the partners who have given a bit of extra in the Value Pack from the icon next to the partner logo.

Our partners


Strava breaks down data from your Suunto watch to deliver deep performance analytics and is designed to help you monitor your fitness over time. You can share your activities in the Strava feed and add photos and notes to your adventures for your followers to comment. Created by the millions of Strava athletes, segments mark popular stretches of road and trail and create a leaderboard of times set by every athlete who has been there before – check how you ranked and improve the next time.


TrainingPeaks provides you in-depth analysis and planning tools to be prepared on race day. Commit to a goal, structure your training and sync your workouts from your Suunto device into your training calendar to track your progress. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to improve your time, a certified coach will help you plan your training; share your goals, experience and requirements via a questionnaire and TrainingPeaks will match you to the right coach. You can also choose from thousands of triathlon, cycling and running training plans.


Relive turns your activities into personal 3D videos worth sharing. Fly over your route, show where you’ve been and view your highlights. Show your moments by placing notes, emojis and photos on your route to tell the whole story of your adventure!


Endomondo is the personal trainer in your pocket – ideal for running, cycling, walking and other distance sports. Activity data from your Suunto device syncs with Endomondo app, giving you the workout credit for Training Plans and Challenges. Connect with friends to add another layer of motivation and encouragement to your workout.

Today's Plan

Today's Plan is an Australian based training and analytics platform that delivers software solutions for athletes and coaches globally. The system includes a range of powerful online training tools that allow athletes of any level to enjoy the quantifiable benefits of structured training.


Stop getting injured! Unleash the power of your data and paint a clear picture of your injury risk while training. 'Keep your bars green', stay consistent, and surpass your goals.


A complete solution for planning, tracking, analyzing, and sharing your workouts and other fitness performance data. Works with your Suunto watch and coach friendly.

Sweden’s leading runners’ community with over 200 000 members. Great runners log with community functions for a social take on training, calendar for race planning and competing, map functions to plan your run and more.


Fitrockr is an online fitness platform that lets users connect their fitness tracker to compete in Social Fitness Leagues, allows users to compete in various challenges using any sport they prefer and automatically calculates the Fitness level of a user and motivates to keep and increase the level.


rubiTrack is a powerful way to track and improve performance for runners, cyclists, triathletes and enthusiasts in any sport. It automatically adds location info, acquires weather data and instantly sorts, orders and filters even huge workout collections. Analyze all your activities interactively on freely configurable maps and charts. Monitor every aspect of your past training sessions and analyze your zone history, all in relation to environmental and athlete health data. Expert features include segments; define segments once and rubiTrack will pick them up in all your activities.


Now you can get your Active Days quickly and easily. FitVault is a corporate wellness app that is used to reward users for being active such as attending a gym session at a fitness centre, walking 10000 steps in a day or burning 300 active calories in a single exercise session.


Keep your complete training history from 25+ popular services including Suunto, Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Nike+ and many others on your iPhone or iPad for instant access anytime. Easily view, analyze, share, backup and export your workouts as you like. View statistics and interactive charts, maps and details for individual workouts and popular tracks.


Great analysis of your running, biking and swimming data. Visualise all your training entries with our easy-to-use training log. Use our tools to analyse your data for long term trends in your performance. Get help and support from our wonderful community of real runners, bikers and swimmers.


Your Xhale training diary simplifies tracking, planning and reflecting on your training. Plan your week, stay consistent and build motivation. Sync your Suunto training data with Xhale and share it with your coach or analyse it on your own, create new splits, overlay and compare laps and sessions as you progress towards your training goals.


Dive deep into your training data with RUNALYZE. No matter which sport you want to analyse. By continuously analyzing your training data, RUNALYZE knows your training condition at all times. The running prognoses will help you to get to the starting line with a better feeling on the day of the race. Analyse your technique by evaluating all metrics your watch and wearable sensors deliver. You can easily detect imbalances and track your progress when trying to fix your poor posture. With our analysis tools you can precisely analyze your training shape and look at all values of your past activities


What can not be measured can not be improved. Biwel is the platform for companies and healthy workers. Through a totally confidential and safe health diagnosis, we analyze what your needs are to help you improve and maintain a good quality of life and good health habits. Self-knowledge thanks to a complete health and well-being questionnaire, fully customized content and recommendations and Being part of the healthy community of your company.


FitRankings helps retailers, brands, and organizations to create experiences using the latest fitness apps and wearables. FitRankings makes connecting easy, with dedicated support for you and your users. Gain deep activity and fitness insights on your community using FitRankingsPRO dashboard.


Sport and management tool. All the coach needs in one place; plan, analyse , finance.


Your everyday wellbeing companion. HeiaHeia guides you to set meaningful wellbeing targets and helps you achieve them. Exercise, steps, sleep, weight: whatever your targets are, achieve them by small daily steps that accumulate into remarkable long term gains.


Organise, optimise and monitor your athlete's performances.

running.COACH - your online training schedule

running.COACH is an advanced online training plan, that fits advanced runners and also beginners. The plan is dynamic and adaptable, taking a lot of different parameters in to calculation for everyone's personal training plan towards individual goals. running.COACH has been developed by world class runners Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter, Sabrina Mockenhaupt & Viktor Röthlin.


SPODHA is an integral web-platform that records training planning, controls all variables related to physical activity or training sesion (objective: parameters from commercial devices-wereables-GPS; and subjective: the user's own paramenters as are the sensations and perceptions ). For its development, Big Data and Predictive Analysis techniques are used. Therefore you get a web-platform which allows all the Actors of the sport universe to interact (Athletes, Trainers and Medical staff) and empowers to control and manage training, health and performance data in an operational, functional environment .


Customized solution for professionals. Yarmill is tuned individually for each professional team or union according to their training system and methodology.


Customizable platform for coaches and well-being professionals. Cloud software and mobile application.

Adventure Log is a digital diary for adventurers who love to explore and document where they've been. Browse through all your tours in a way you've never done before and enjoy the tours on a nice topographical map. No community, no advertising, no binding to a manufacturer.

Health Sync

Health Sync can synchronize Suunto steps and activity data to Google Fit and/or Samsung Health. It is an Android app, available in the Google Play Store.

Healthy Living

Explore to live healthier. Introducing MOVE by Healthy Living where you can connect your Suunto device and start earning points.


Web platform for coaches & athletes. Save time during your planning, better monitoring, and advanced training analysis.

Suda Outdoors

SUDA is the app to explore, discover and share the best of outdoor sports. Find new routes around you, download and follow them without internet connection. Share your adventures and keep track of what you're doing. Join our challenges, let's make our world a better place to live.
Discover your next adventure!