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Welcome to the Suunto Summer Challenge

SuuntoRun — 29 六月 2020

Join our challenge on Map My Run and be in to win a Suunto 7 smartwatch!

We all need a push once in a while to reignite our training, and that’s what the Suunto Summer Challenge on Map My Run this July is all about.

It’s simple really; join the challenge on Map My Run and connect your Suunto App account to Map My Run to automatically sync all your workouts.

Then create and stick to a workout routine, logging your workouts to achieve badge levels that unlock raffle tickets to win one of four Suunto 7 GPS smartwatches. The more workouts you log this July, the higher badge levels reached – the better chances of winning!


© @kevinscottbatchelor


To help inspire your training we’ll be sending you three short articles with tips from running coach Denise Sauriol – nicknamed the Marathon Whisperer.

Our goal is to help you find your training groove!



Suunto Summer Challenge has four badge levels

Strong start

This is easy. All you need to do is log one workout!

Training streak

To reach this badge level, you’ll need to workout on four consecutive days.

Halfway there

Now it’s the real test. You’ll need to log 12 workouts to reach this badge level.

Challenge Champion

If you reach this badge level, it means you’ve found your groove. To achieve it, you need to get 24 workouts under your belt. You can do it!



Lead images: Kevin Scott Batchelor