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Greg Hill's mountain moves

SuuntoSki — 11 April 2014

In the space of 31 days he skied to the equivalent of space and back. Last month Greg Hill clocked an incredible 100,628m – more than 10 times the height of Mt Everest. 
For anyone curious to see how Canadian ski mountaineer achieved the feat, below we publish the links to his Movescount tracks, which reveal his super-human performance. Day after day, Greg skied for up to 10 hours to cover between 3,000m and 4,000m of vertical.  

Of course this doesn't answer the bigger question of how he was physically able to do it and for that only Greg can provide the answer.

“It was a big mission,” says the 38-year-old Suunto ambassador, recovering at his home in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

“It was as hard as anything I've done, waking up every morning and getting out there.” But he says the knowledge that at the top of every climb lay an awesome descent kept him going.

“It was the best human powered powder month ever! It was ridiculous. This was 97% great skiing!”

Check out where he went, his daily climbs the full stats of Greg's March Madness project on the links below. Looking for a highlight? Greg says his best day was March 11th. “I climbed three different summits and five different great lines,” he says.

And the worst? March 6th when warm weather conspired to create nightmare ski-touring conditions. “My skis were weighing probably 20kg there was so much snow stuck to them,” says Greg. “That was as bad as it was.” 

March 1st: 4,255m
March 2nd: 4,648m
March 3rd: 4,087m
March 4th: 4,125m
March 5th: rest day
March 6th: 3,950m
March 7th: 4,141m
March 8th: 2,943m
March 9th: rest day
March 10th: 4,264m
March 11th: 4,340m
March 12th: 3,957m
March 13th: 4,518m
March 14th: rest day
March 15th: 4,186m
March 16th: 3,970m
March 17th: 4,127m
March 18th: 2,287m
March 19th: rest day
March 20th: 4,398m
March 21st: 3,793m
March 22nd: 3,812m
March 23rd: rest day
March 24th: 3,843m
March 25th: 3,050m
March 26th: 3,048m
March 27th: 4,290m

March 28th: 3,869m
March 29th: 3,973m
March 30th: 3,421m
March 31st: 3,167m

Total: 100,628m

Image: ©Bruno Long