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New features for the Suunto EON Steel now available

Sports — 17 November 2015

Software update 1.2 brings no-decompression dive planner, possibility to flip the display 180 degrees and other improvements.

Suunto EON Steel grows with you as your diving skills evolve, thanks to its customizability, durability and the software updates that bring sought-after new features and improvements.

   No-decompression dive planner

Dive planning feature enables you to quickly plan your next dive. The planner calculates the no-decompression time and, as first in the dive computer world, the remaining gas time available for the dive according to depth and used gas mixture. The planner works also for dives in series, e.g. taking in account the residual nitrogen from your previous dive(s).

Flip display

It is now possible to turn the display 180 degrees, allowing you to choose to have the buttons on the left or the right side of the display to fit your personal preference.

Customizable deep stops and safety stops

You can now adjust how deep stops and safety stops are used in EON Steel. Deep stops can be turned on and off while safety stop duration can be changed to 3, 4 or 5 minutes.

   ICD warnings

ICD (Isobaric Counterdiffusion) warnings are brought to the gas menu, making divers using trimix aware of ICD risks already before a dive.

You can download the free update to your EON Steel through the Suunto DM5 software.

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