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A professional Suunto compass in the VSSL survival gear

10 November 2017

Our mission is to inspire and equip people for active and adventurous life. Sometimes the conditions get extreme – purposely or all of a sudden. Preparing by considering and planning the safety issues in advance can get you out of trouble when the worst what if scenario happens.

Essentials for outdoor enthusiasts

It’s the outdoor enthusiasts, whom unites Suunto with VSSL (‘Vessel’), who makes next generation, superior quality outdoor utility tools. The Canadian company’s product offers an extremely compact and efficient way of transporting your essential outdoor gear, without compromising pack space and weight.

You can fill the multi-purpose VSSL flashlight case with up to six tins of survival supplies – and now, with an integrated liquid-filled Suunto KB-14 compass. A clever and lightweight pack is a handy backup, if something unexpected happens during your adventure, no matter if it’s a day hike or a longer exploration. 

VSSL kayak

Passion for outdoors and design

Design and durability has always been important factor when it comes to Suunto products, and you can say the same for VSSL. The accurate Suunto KB-14 is intergrated to the simple and stylish aluminium case. The same extremely durable material is used for aircraft and boat hulls and is basically indestructable.

“The Suunto compass we tailored for VSSL will prove itself indispensable in a survival situation when you can rely to only the best possible equipment. I am happy that we together could develop a solution, where a tailored Suunto compass is part of the stylish VSSL offering in a functional manner”, comments Henrik Palin, the Mechanicals Business Line Manager of Suunto. 

Over 80 years of precision tools

A compass has gone a long way in 2000 years from China to all over the world. The first water-filled compass, invented by Sir Edmund Halley in 1690, reduced the needle wobbling and made it easier to read. It was in 1933, when a surveyor named Tuomas Vohlonen perfected a lightweight compass by filling it with a petroleum distillate. That dampened the needle movement even more and also protected it from wear. Thus was born the wrist-worn Suunto M-311, the first representatative of modern liquid-filled field compasses of Suunto. Since then the Suunto compasses have been carried and trusted by adventurers, explorers and soldiers.


VSSL Purifying waterDesigned and handmade in Finland

The Suunto KB-14 precision compass, a popular tool among surveyors and forestry professionals, has a sapphire bearing, is globally balanced and accurate to approximately ½ degree. It presents the legacy and Finnish craftmanship of Suunto, whose mechanical compasses are known for their reliability and accuracy. All Suunto compasses are designed and handmade in Finland.





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