How is my training plan created?
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How is my training plan created?

The initial 7-day training plan which you see after completing the setup of your Suunto 3 Fitness is based on your personal profile (gender, age, height, weight, max HR). The initial plan will be general and does not reflect your current fitness level. To personalize your adaptive training guidance, start recording exercises. Your watch needs this data to estimate your fitness level.

Exercise mode.   Start an Exercise.

Your training plan adapts to your personal needs based on the fitness level estimation and the frequency (and intensity) of your exercise – no matter if you decide to follow the suggested workouts by your training plan or record other / additional workouts. All recorded exercise will be taken into consideration.

Training plan.   Notification when training plan was updated. 

Note: The training plan feature aims to improve your fitness and suits best if you are at a beginner or intermediate fitness level. If you are already very fit and exercise frequently, the 7-day plan may not suite your existing routine.

The fitness level estimation is a major component of the adaptive training guidance. Your fitness level determines the intensity and duration of the exercises in the training plan. Your fitness level estimation is measured during running and walking exercises. Learn more about fitness level and how to get your fitness level estimation in the following user guide article: Fitness level.

Fitness level estimation.


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