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I have issues syncing my moves from my Ambit3 / Traverse to Suunto app. What can I do?

After welcoming Ambit3 and Traverse to Suunto app, we have received feedback from our community that the move sync failed in some cases, resulting in activities not synced from the watch to Suunto app. If you experienced issues with pairing or syncing, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences. We are currently investigating the issue and will provide more guidance as soon as possible.


We identified quick fixes that may help:

On your phone:

The activity sync may be paused if your phone

  • locks the display and activates standby mode,
  • has low battery and goes into power saving mode.

To ensure the activity sync will not be interrupted,


  1. make sure you are using the latest Suunto app version.
  2. make sure your phone is charged at least more than 50%.
  3. allow Suunto app to make data available to your watch even when you are not using the app by allowing Bluetooth sharing while the app is inactive.

    Suunto app in-app notification to allow Bluetooth sharing

    The same setting can be adjusted in the iOS settings menu: Open Settings, scroll down to apps and open Suunto. Ensure that Bluetooth Sharing is toggled on.

    Suunto app Bluetooth sharing setting

  4. auto-lock in your iPhone’s display settings is deactivated: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.


  1. ensure your phone is charged at least more than 50%
  2. depending on your phone model and operating system version, activate the Always on Display setting, deactivate Screen timeout or other. Please verify available display settings in the user manual for your phone.

Tip: You can also keep the phone screen on by manually not letting the phone go to sleep.

On your watch:

After a few minutes of inactivity, your Ambit3 / Traverse will activate the power saving mode which will turn off Bluetooth and pause the sync. To prevent that from happening, ensure to wear your watch to keep it awake. In case your watch goes to hibernation mode, the log synchronization will continue once you wake it up by pressing any button.