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Suunto Race User Guide

Offline maps

With Suunto Race you can have offline maps downloaded on your watch, and leave your phone behind and find your way just by using your watch.

Before you can use offline maps in your watch you need to setup a wireless network connection in Suunto app and download the selected map area to your watch. You will get a notification on your watch when the map download is complete.

A more detailed instruction on how to setup a wireless network and download offline maps in Suunto app is available here.

Map View

Select offline maps before exercise:

  1. Select a sport mode that uses GPS.
  2. Scroll down and select Map.
  3. Select which map style you want to use and confirm with the middle button.
  4. Scroll up and start your exercise as normal.
  5. Press the middle button to scroll to the map.

If Off is selected in map menu, no map will be shown, only a breadcrumb trail.

Select offline maps without exercising:

  1. From watch face, swipe up or turn the crown.
  2. Select Map.
  3. Press the lower button to exit the map.
  4. Select Exit.

Map gestures

Lower button

  • Press to open navigation options


  • Turn to zoom in/zoom out

Swipe and tap (if enabled)

  • Touch and drag the map to pan (if the screen has not been touched for 5 seconds, the map returns to your current location)
  • Tap to center the map around tapped location
  • Flick to scroll the map

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