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Suunto Race User Guide

Automatic display brightness

The display has three features that you can adjust: the level of brightness (Brightness), whether the inactive display shows any information (Always-on display), and whether the display activates when you raise and turn your wrist (Raise to wake).

The display features can be adjusted from the settings under General > Display.

  • The Brightness setting determines the overall intensity of display brightness; Low, Medium or High.

  • The Always-on display setting determines if the inactive display is blank or shows information, for example, the time. Always-on display can be toggled to on or off:

    • On: The display shows certain information all the time.
    • Off: When the display is inactive, the screen is bank.
  • The Raise to wake feature activates the display when raising your wrist to look at the watch. The three options for Raise to wake are:

    • High: Raising your wrist activates high display brightness.
    • Low: Raising your wrist activates low display brightness.
    • Off: Raising your wrist does nothing.

Prolonged use of the high brightness display reduces battery life and may cause screen burn-in. Avoid using high brightness for extended period to lengthen display lifetime.

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