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Suunto Race User Guide

Points of interest

A point of interest, or POI, is a special location, such as camping spot or vista along a trail, you can save and navigate to later. You can create POIs in Suunto app from a map and do not have to be at the POI location. Creating a POI in your watch is done by saving your current location.

Each POI is defined by:

  • POI name
  • POI type
  • Date and time created
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Elevation

You can store up to 250 POIs in your watch.

Adding and deleting POIs

You can add a POI to your watch either with Suunto app or by saving your current location in the watch.

If you are outside with your watch and come across a spot you want to save as a POI, you can add the location directly in your watch.

To add a POI with your watch:

  1. Swipe up or turn the crown and select Map.
  2. From the map display, press the lower button.
  3. Select Your location and press the crown.
  4. Wait for the watch to activate GPS and find your location.
  5. When the watch displays your latitude and longitude, press the upper button to save your location as a POI and select the POI type.
  6. By default the POI name is the same as the POI type (with a running number after it). You can edit the name later in Suunto app.

Deleting POIs

You can remove a POI by deleting the POI from the POI list in the watch or removing it in Suunto app.

To delete a POI in your watch:

  1. Swipe up or turn the crown and select Map.
  2. From the map display, press the lower button.
  3. Select POIs and press the crown.
  4. Scroll to the POI you want to remove from the watch and press the crown.
  5. Scroll to the end of the details and select Delete.

When you delete a POI from your watch, the POI is not permanently deleted.

To permanently delete a POI, you need to delete the POI in Suunto app.

Navigating to a POI

You can navigate to any POI that is in your watch POI list.


When navigating to a POI, your watch uses full power GPS.

To navigate to a POI:

  1. Swipe up or turn the crown and select Map.
  2. From the map display, press the lower button.
  3. Select POIs and press the crown.
  4. Scroll to the POI you want to navigate to and press the crown.
  5. Press the upper button or tap Select.
  6. Select Start exercise if you want to use the POI for exercising or select Navigate only if you only want to navigate to the POI.


    If you only navigate to the POI, nothing will be saved or logged in Suunto app.

  7. Press the upper button again at any time to stop navigating.

The POI navigation has two views:

  • POI view with direction indicator and distance to the POI

    POI detail view S9PP

  • map view showing your current location relative to the POI and your breadcrumb trail (the track you have traveled)

    POI map view S9PP

Press the crown to switch between views.


If offline maps are activated, the map view will display a detailed map of your surroundings.

In the map view, other POIs nearby are shown in gray. In the map view, you can adjust the zoom level by turning the crown.

While navigating, you can press the lower button to open navigation menu. The menu give you quick access to POI details and actions such as saving your current location or selecting another POI to navigate to, as well as ending navigation.

POI types

The following POI types are available in Suunto Race:

POI BeginBegin
POI EndEnd
POI Car1Car
POI ParkingParking
POI HomeHome
POI BuildingBuilding
POI HotelHotel
POI HostelHostel
POI LodgingLodging
POI BeddingBedding
POI CampCamp
POI CampingSiteCamping site
POI CampingFireCamp fire
POI AidStationAid station
POI EmergencyEmergency
POI WaterpointWaterpoint
POI InformationInformation
POI RestaurantRestaurant
POI FoodFood
POI CafeCafe
POI CaveCave
POI MountainMountain
POI PeakPeak
POI RockRock
POI CliffCliff
POI AvalancheAvalanche
POI ValleyValley
POI HillHill
POI RoadRoad
POI TrailTrail
POI RiverRiver
POI WaterWater
POI WaterfallWaterfall
POI CoastCoast
POI LakeLake
POI KelpforestKelp forest
POI MarinereserveMarine reserve
POI CoralreefCoral reef
POI BigFishBig fish
POI MarineMammalMarine mammal
POI WreckWreck
POI FishingspotFishing spot
POI BeachBeach
POI ForestForest
POI MeadowMeadow
POI CoastCoast
POI StandStand
POI ShotShot
POI RubRub
POI ScarpeScrape
POI BigGameBig game
POI SmallgameSmall game
POI BirdBird
POI PrintsPrints
POI CrossroadsCrossroads
POI DangerDanger
POI GeocacheGeocache
POI SightSight
POI TrailcamTrailcam

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