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Which nation runs the fastest? 10 fun facts from 2019

SuuntoRun — 30 Dezember 2019

We analyzed all the workouts recorded by Suunto app this year and got some surprising results.

Suunto app saves millions of workouts every year, creating a veritable treasure trove of training data. When our data team crunches that mountain of numbers – while respecting personal privacy laws, of course – they discover some surprising sport insights.

Our data nerds have just finished calculating the 2019 workout stats generated by users in nations across the world. Continuing the age old tradition of friendly international sport rivalry, we looked at which nation is the fastest, which nations runs for the longest distance, as well as other stats. We’re sure you’ll find the results as interesting as we do.

Flat and fast: Denmark sets the pace

According to our analysis of all the workouts in 2019, runners in Denmark are lightning. The average pace of our Suunto-wearing Danes is 5:11 min/km! Whoop! That’s quick.

Perhaps it’s not surprising given a 2017 Eurostat survey found Denmark, a nation of 5.6 million, exercises more than all other EU nations, apart from Suunto’s own Finland. Apparently exercise, whether cycling the small nation’s famous bicycle path network or running along its gorgeous coastline, is a core element of Denmark’s culture. Respect!

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The long run: Portugal goes the distance

Portugal, a nation of 10.3 million, likes to run! Our data shows people in Portugal ran the longest average running distance – 10.3 km/run. It’s the only nation to break the 10 km average distance mark. Bem feito!

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Sleep tight: who sleeps the most/least?

Analyzing all the sleep data proved an interesting exercise. People in Chile, Finland, New Zealand and Ireland enjoy a good night’s sleep; on average they get more than seven hours a night.

Conversely, people living in Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea, seem to like burning the candle at both ends; on average they get less than 5.5 hours a night. We hope they’re getting enough recovery time!

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Feeling great: the most common feeling vibe

It seems like Suunto users are positive bunch – must be all that outdoor exercise. We checked what is the most common feeling recorded after all the workouts, and we discovered “excellent” came out on top. That’s a really good sign. Feelings are a great way to keep track of how your training is going, and to monitor whether you might need to rest more.

Magnifique: the French LOVE trail running

When comparing their trail running to treadmill workouts, the ratio in France is 12.9:1, almost 13 times more trail than treadmill. In the US, by comparison, the ratio was 1.6:1, and in Spain 4.8:1. We’d love to know what causes this big difference!

Around the clock: trail runners move for the longest

Respect to all the trail runners out there. It’s the most popular activity for 12+ hour long activities. That’s a solid length of time to be on your feet moving. We hope you are fueling and hydrating well. 

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By foot wins: running and walking the most popular

Running came out as the most popular activity among Suunto users, followed by walking, and cycling in third place.

Sport lovers: Suunto fans enjoy four activities

On average Suunto users did 4.3 different activities during the year. But some were much more varied; one user tracked 74 different activity types, another one did 72! That’s an impressive performance! We wonder how they found the time!

Go guys! Men walk more

Out analysis shows male Suunto users walk a little more than women. Men walk on average 9446 steps a day, and women 7969. Ladies, show them next year!


Lead images: © Graeme Murray / Red Bull Content Pool

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