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Suunto 9 User Guide

SuuntoPlus™ - Variometer

This feature is mainly designed for paragliding use but can also be used with other sport modes. Variometer shows valid information that can be very useful when paragliding.


This feature is only intended to be used as an in-flight aid and should not be used as a primary information source.

To use Variometer with Suunto 9:

  1. Before you start recording an exercise, swipe up or press the lower button to open the sport mode options.
  2. Scroll to and tap SuuntoPlus™ or press the middle button.
  3. Scroll to and tap Variometer or press the middle button.
  4. Scroll up to the start view and start your exercise as normal.
  5. During the exercise, swipe left or press the middle button until you reach the Variometer display.

Red Bull Xalps

The upper part of the Variometer display shows your current horisontal speed and current altitude, calculated from sea level.

The variometer scale in the middle of the display shows your vertical speed in real-time, up to +-3 m/s. When the bar is on the positive side of the scale, your paraglider is ascending. If the bar is on the negative side, the paraglider is descending. Variometer will also alarm you of changes in your vertical speed with sound and vibration. The frequency of these alarms will depend on how fast you are ascending/descending, similar to a variometer.

The value at the bottom of the display indicates the total ascend during the last thermal.

The red arrow on the outer edge of the display is always pointing north.

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