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Suunto Traverse User Guide - 2.0


Your Suunto Traverse comes with several different features, such as compass (see Compass) and stopwatch (see Stopwatch). These are handled as displays that can be viewed by pressing NEXT. Some of them are permanent, others you can show or hide as you like.

To show/hide displays:

  1. Press START to enter the start menu.
  2. Scroll to DISPLAYS by pressing LIGHT and press NEXT.
  3. In the list of display, toggle any feature on/off by scrolling to it with START or LIGHT and pressing NEXT. Keep NEXT pressed to exit the displays menu if needed.

Your sport modes (see Sport modes) also have multiple displays that you can customize to view different information while recording an activity.

Adjusting display contrast

Increase or decrease the display contrast of your Suunto Traverse in the watch settings.

To adjust the display contrast:

  1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Press NEXT to enter the GENERAL settings.
  3. Press NEXT to enter Tones/display.
  4. Scroll to Display contrast with LIGHT and enter with NEXT.
  5. Increase the contrast with START, or decrease it with LIGHT.
  6. Keep NEXT pressed to exit.

Inverting display color

Change the display between dark and light through the settings in the watch.

To invert the display in the watch settings:

  1. Keep NEXT pressed to enter the options menu.
  2. Press NEXT to enter the GENERAL settings.
  3. Press NEXT to enter Tones/display.
  4. Scroll to Invert display with START and invert with NEXT.