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Suunto EON Core User Guide 3.0

Tank pressure

Your Suunto EON Core can be used with the total number of twenty (20) gases, each of which may have Suunto Tank POD for wireless tank pressure transmission.

To install and pair a Suunto Tank POD, see How to install and pair a Suunto Tank POD.

In tank pressure view you can see the below screens.

The following example has the tank pressure alarm set to 100 bars. The tank pressure is 75 bars as indicated in the switch window in the bottom right corner.

In the switch window, the actual tank pressure is shown in blue by default. Tank pressure is shown in yellow when it is over 50 bars and below the tank pressure alarm value set by the user:

Tank pressure alarm Eon

When the tank pressure drops below 50 bars, the actual tank pressure value is indicated in red in the switch window and a mandatory alarm is triggered:

Tank pressure red alarm Eon

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