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Suunto Tank POD User Guide

Installing directly to high pressure port

Type A flow restrictor:

typeA TankPOD

To install Suunto Tank POD directly to the first-stage high pressure port:

  1. Write down the serial number. You will need it later to identify your Suunto Tank POD. You can find it on the metal base of the device.

    tank pod serial number new


    Starting May 2021, all new Suunto Tank POD devices have the serial number on the metal base and on the cover, too.

  2. Insert the Type A flow restrictor into the Suunto Tank POD.

    2 type TankPOD

  3. Attach the Suunto Tank POD to the first-stage high pressure port.

    3 typeA TankPOD

  4. Slowly and steadily open the pressure valve. Look away as your gear is pressurized.

    4 typeA TankPOD


Ensure there are no other people in close proximity when you pressurize scuba gear.


The battery level indication shown when pairing the Tank POD is an approximation only. The POD battery may deplete faster than the indication suggests.

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